Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

OK. I know I totally disappeared for like 2 months and I really don't have any reason for doing so. It was kind of a mental thing and I just took a break from the blog. Well, now, I'm back! Full Force!
I have SO much to talk about and so many new and exciting things to experience and I'm dying to share them all with you!

We have a MOVING DATE! My husband is becoming an American Citizen on May 11 and from there we're literally counting down the weeks until our BIG move to Canada. June 2nd UNLESS.... we decide to leave earlier in which case we'd be leaving May 28th! Either way works for me. :D

I'm going to start a Healthy Life Style again. Though, I will not be practicing the Idiot Proof Diet again. It was a great "short-term" plan but in the long run I love food too much to not allow carbs into my life. It was SUPER unfair! I won't be starting it until after the move...only because I work in a bakery and that's just ridiculous to think that I have that kind of will power!

So yeah...LOTS coming up in just the next couple of weeks and I'll be sure to keep you posted as they unfold. hopefully after we're all settled I'll start posting daily which is what I'd really like to keep up with. We'll see!