Monday, August 6, 2012

Where have I been?!?!

That is a PERFECTLY legit question, and my answer to that question is.... I was busy!  This summer has been such whirlwind of wonderful events that I haven't really spent much time online at all. I have done so many different things this summer and we still have SO many more activites. Some highlights have been driving to Montreal for a romantic weekend with my hubby, white water rafting, cliffing diving and body surfing down a rapid! swimming in a river, horseback riding, 3 day camping/music/corn fest! my mom coming for a week. visiting an outdoor spa (previously spoken about in an earlier post). We've also visited lots of festivals and parades and oodles of other fun things. This past thursday I went to a concert held in a friends home. Basically we've been busy bees! All of this on top of working a full time job has left us with not much time for anything else!  I've completely given up tv because it was a time waster (i still watch and download movies but only for evenings when i'm free. Sadly and happily the summer is almost over (it's been SO FREAKING HOT!) and winter is right on our tails. With winter coming means lots more baking/cooking (i only grill in the summer months) also gourmet donut making (i'll go into detail once that project is back up and running) also planning our almost 3 week trip to France this coming April! So, be patient and within a couple of months i'll be back and hopefully much more loyal than I have been.

How is your summer?