Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i was immediately inspired to wear my blazer after that polyvore post below. just cause i'm not hosting or going out to dinner doesn't mean i can't rock it! RIGHT?!
We had some errands to make and I had some make up to buy so I put this together and felt absolutely fabulous in the department store! I said in my last post I haven't really been dressing up and it's true! I've gotten lazy but I need to suck it up and look fabulous everyday! I deserve it!

Blazer: Torrid
Tunic: Just Ginger via Marshalls
Jeans: Venezia via Lane Bryant
Shoes: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters
necklace: f21
purse: The Gap

sorry for the low quality shots, it was rainy outside and just HAD to take pics of the outfit! lol


this is just an outfit i've had in my head for a while...just waiting for somewhere to wear it. haven't had too many fabulous occasions since leaving New York but I'm hoping once we're in our own apartment I'll be able to host dinners and gamenights again! Merci

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


[frockwriter]: "We need fashion to catch up to women of size" - Velvet d'Amour

busy nothings

We're going on our first month of living in Quebec and I have to admit that for how quiet are days have been I can't believe how fast the month of June passed by! I'm glad that it went by fast but also nervous that winter is only 2 months away and we've still had PLENTY of cold days here in June!

The days have sort of melded together forming a couple of weeks where it was gym, french lessons,dinner and repeat. I had hurt my ankle last week and wasn't able to work out which kind of unmotivated me just a wee bit but I'm hoping to get back on track today and STAY THERE! My outfits have kinda been the same dress worn LOTS of different ways, which now that i think about would have been GREAT to blog about but i didn't so that's that.

We've been looking at apartments these past couple of weeks, I can't seem to get the New Yorker out of me and am still thinking that $1500 isn't a lot for an apartment but, over here it is  :(
We were spending $1100 for a basement apartment with NO WINDOWS AND A TINY KITCHEN  and here you can get a 3 bedroom with brickwalls, clawfoot tubs and AMAZING VIEWS for only $400 more. Unfortunately the average person here spends about $500-$700 on a rental not $1500. I need to get my mindset into Quebec dollars and not NYC it's hard but I'm sure we'll find something soon.

as my favorite heroine once said...

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” Jane Austen, Fanny Price, Mansfield Park.

Monday, June 27, 2011

i come in peace!


my baby nephew should be an ad campaign for peace among men!
he's too cute and already showing signs of a new hippy era!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


we had to run some more errands this week so i decided to stay cute and comfy

skirt: actually a dress i bought from re/dress a couple of months ago
tank: f21+
cardi: f21+
shoes: bcbg via dsw

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anniversary Outift

I bought this fabulous "dress" a week or 2 before our move. I found it at Macy's and it was 50% off the clearance price of $24.99!!! Yep! I got this dress for less than $20 lol. OK. So, it's not really a dress, i don't think. I'm pretty sure it's a long tunic but because of my build I totally played it off as a mini and I'm so glad I did! My hubby loved it, I loved it and I had two american girls (plus of course) and ask me where I got it! : )

i love that! 

dress: plus section of macy's (not sure of the brand)
shoes: Ross (again i'm not prepare!)
accessories: F21

Friday, June 10, 2011

photo 10: childhood memory

the memories of baking with my mom are probably some my best childhood memories. she loved making bread and always had something sweet around. i think about those times whenever i've concocted a new cupcake or icing flavor. 

anywho....this is my vanilla orange cupcake. it's quite yummy (especially with the raspberry drizzle that come on the side!)

curly hair care!

age 14?

age 21

age, 22


age. 24

Over the years i've gone through many a different hair styles. Some that required little to no work, some that required WAY too much work. I'd say that since I graduated highschool 6 years ago my hair has been straight 5 1/2 of those years. I just recently started to appreciate again how wonderful my natural curly hair is and I've started to really learn how to take care of it, which products to use, how to use them and when to use them. I didn't know until about 5 months ago that products for curly hair should be applied to sopping wet hair! That if done otherwise it can cause the crunchy nasty curls that I got the 1st couple of weeks in trying to work with my hair! lol  I decided to do a post on hair products I've found that have worked for me! Most of them the majority of them are 100% natual or vegan but some of them I've yet to find good natural replacements for.

Trichomania is a LUSH solid shampoo. 
I love this shampoo because it cleans my hair and adds the moisture I need for beautifully defined curls.

Jungle is a LUSH solid conditioner
i love this product because it's natural, makes your hair smell AMAZING, and creates soft hair for beautiful soft curls.
I came across this product while looking for a new, less expensive, natural conditioner (my original one was $18 for 8.4 fl. Oz which is just insane! lol)
The girl at the counter told me that with my hair Jungle would work just as well, if not better than American Cream! I was told how to use it and given a decent sized sample to take home. I broke a piece off and rubbed it in my wet hands..and rubbed and rubbed .....and rubbed. I think it made enough conditioner to clean a barbies head! I took what it made and rubbed it through my didn't feel like I had put any thing in my hair! I was fed up and just rinsed through. jumped out of the shower and got ready for bed.  The first thing my husband said when I lay down was "OMG your hair smells INSANELY GOOD!"  and the rest of the night he just kept sniffing it! lol it was so funny  :D
in the morning I got up to straighten my hair for the gym and I kept touching it and feeling how....different it felt? It was SO soft and touchable and not what I was expecting from a dud conditioner! My hair was like baby soft, it was bizarre and so NICE! lol I was sold from that moment on! It may not seem like it's doing much but it really is working it's magic! I suggest if you're looking for a new conditioner try LUSH, their great with their customers and will let you sample....everything? before you buy it (because they know you'll be back!) lol

Jonathon Create Curl: Curling Serum
100% Vegan
use on soaking wet, brushed hair
I found this product at Marshalls in NY and he was actually the inspiration for this post. The first time I tried this product I thought I had died and went to Curl Heaven! It really was unbelievable how perfect curls were. I went straight back to that Marshalls combing the shelves hoping to find another bottle or 2 but to no avail.The past few months, whenever a Marshalls was in sight I was there looking for more Jonathan Products! I came across some items for straightening or for heat but no curlling serum. :(
I finally brought myself back to the 21st century only 2 days ago and decided to look online! Et Voila! I find it on amazon  :D not really what I was hoping to spend on it, but it's completely worth the money. The bottle is a little small (very small) but I'm telling you, what you get out of your curls is totally worth every dime.

Marc Anthony, Strictly Curls: Curl Booster
use on towel dried hair
I found this product a couple of years ago and it's been the 1 constant I've had for my curls. It's really easy to use but unfortunately it's not natural. I'm almost done with this bottle and will not be buying it again in hopes that it will force me to look for more natual curl boosting products. BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT if you're not into the whole natural, paraben-free jazz! lol

Rusk, w8less: Strong Hold,  Hair Spray
I have about 8 of these bottles! I find them at Marshalls and they sell them for like $3 if they don't have the pink spray thingy on then or if they top isn't their then it's like $5 but seriously it's SO worth the full price too! lol I use this product after everything else and after my hair has been diffused to about 80% dry, then I spray into my hair and diffuse again till about 90% dry and stop. let it finish drying naturally and then spray with hair spray and tease as desired. 

it's a process to have my curls, i've abused my hair so much over the years with unnatural straightening techniques and product overkill that i know what i don't want! lol it's worth taking the time to do my hair right because it's too beautiful to not want to see!

i hope you got something out of this, definitely check out these products. you can find most if not all of them on

ciao for now

Thursday, June 9, 2011

photo 9: someone i love, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

1 year ago, I married my best friend. Life has been AMAZING since then!
je t'aime mon amour

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

post 8: Bad Habit

photo 8 is about bad habits. 
i have 2
nail biting 
I'm attempting to break 1of these habits (AGAIN) so far. so good!
what are some of your bad habits? how ofter if ever are you found trying to break yourself of them?

i have a problem

which involves these very beautiful....too expensive...can't live without items below. 

can anyone help?


we're going to take a look at an apartment this week! it's only down the block from where we're living now, which is good because we want to stay close to our friends this first year! i hope it's gorgeous and we decide to take it! move in date would be august first which is enough time to start looking for furniture without being too rushed!

fingers crossed!!!


yesterday we had more errands to run so i chose not to wear heels! lol

cardigan: Apt9 via Kohls
tank: Faith21
lace top: exhilaration via target
jeans: NY&Company
flats: mossimo via target
necklace: f21

Today we had a day to ourselves! no errands to run or people to see so we took full advantage and went for a walk in our new city! Vieux Quebec (old quebec) is an absolutely gorgeous historical town and i fell in love with it the first time i saw her! 

dress: I Love Ronson via JCPenny  (yes it has pockets ♥!)
top: lane bryant
shoes: mossimo via target
accessories: f21

just saying....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

photo 7: fruit

i took this picture VERY last minute and the lighting in the house is i played around with and made it slightly more artsy fartsy and not so.....duddish. LOL



Monday, June 6, 2011

photo 6: low angle

this is my low angle shot! DEFINITELY not the best pic but it worked best for this piece

Sunday, June 5, 2011

photo 5: high angle

this is maggie. she is our friends dog and probably the closest thing i'll get to having my own dog.
i love her.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

photo 4: something green

Today, we went for what i am sure will be 1 of many trips into Vieux Quebec. I saw inspiration all around for my project but I thought this door was perfect! It's house number is 15 and they have it spelled out in french, it just felt right.  <3

i'm madly in love with this city and cannot wait to continue exploring. i feel at home.


i'm in DESPERATE need of a reason to justify buying this dress!

Friday, June 3, 2011

photo 3: clouds

today was such a gorgeous day! love the fact that our 2nd full day in our new home was so productive and fun! i can't remember the last time my husband and just spent the 2 entire days together just doing stuff! lol i'm so excited we're here together I know it was the right move to make.

anywhos, today photo was CLOUDS  and clouds is what i give you. i just kinda hung my camera outside the car window a couple of times while driving  around today and this is what i got!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

photo 2: what i wore today

Just a lil something thrown together today 

the awesome top in Nine West by way of  Marshalls! It's such a girly piece and i had to have it

the jeans are Faith 21 size 16

shoes are Jessica Simpson

the bird ring is Charlotte Russe

the "sisters" ring is Target

the wolf necklace is F21