Sunday, March 25, 2012

great week!

So, we didn't win the playoffs this dodgeball season but that's ok. in 2 weeks we'll have a chance to do it all over again. :)

i got the job! she called me the next day and offered the positionn!!! i was so ecstatic and i start in 3 weeks. also they're cool with taking my vacation with the hubby which is also pretty dang awesome.  :D

my 25th birthday was absolutely amazing! i had the best people around me and so a supportive family with my dodgeball team. i couldn't have asked for anything better <3

i'd post a longer ramble but we're getting ready for game day at our place  


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

time flies

i cannot believe that march is almost over! We're going to have summer here in absolute no time and I'm am SO ready for it! This month has been very good to me as far as socially and educationally. lol I've been moved up to French 2 and am seriously considering studying up and moving to French 3 within 2 -3 weeks. I've been busy with my gal pals and boy toys. lol. I've made another AMAZING friend named Robert. He's an older gentlemen and absolutely Fabulous lol. Right now I'm missing him terribly because he's been in London for a week but he'll be back in time for my Birthday Sushi Night! I've been able to start shopping again and it felt wonderful. We have beaucoup d'argent (lots of money) coming from our taxes in the states which has allowed me to buy some summer staples. Also, I just had one of the best job interviews I've ever had! The interview was for a real grownup job too! I work in an office and have a desk and there's no cash register or selling or dealing with customers of any sort. The lady interviewing me loved me and I'm seriously hoping I get the position and that they're ok with me taking 2 weeks off in May to go on vacation cause yeah I need a vacation from my vacation! lol For vacation we're planning on going to Cape Cod, Boston, Maine and if we have the time and energy Niagra Falls. We've found some great deals on Living Social and Groupon so it's also a super affordable trip. Dodgeball playoffs are this week and I'm proud to say that my team is going into the playoffs in 2nd place out of 8 teams! Hopefully we'll pull a 1st place victory like we did last season.  hmmm what else can I  put in this ramble of a post?  I guess that's it. I gotta go pick up the hubster  I'll leave you with some photos from this weekend...

top: julia, mirand
bottom: jessilynn, me

miranda, hubby, jess