Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diy projects to be!

we're SO in love with the whole hard and soft appeal you get from the Industrial Chic look. We've been searching for LOTS of pieces that we can  use and we've been lucky with lots of our finds. I have so many DIY projects I'd like to get started on. My latest venture has been finding the perfect pieces to make my 
own pendant lamps. Industrial lamps are pretty expensive but if I make'm myself then they're totally worth it.

Also, I want to make this little dresser/cataloger that The Painted Hive made. It's aboslutely adorable and SO much cheaper than buying an actual card catalog. I'm hoping to find some of what i need at the yard sales and flea markets this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

you can check out more of my ideas at my pinterest page.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

skirt love!

i just ordered these 2 skirts from ASOS! 

i don't normally spend $100 on 2 items. It's actually EXTREMELY rare! They were just too cute and going to be perfect for this fall that I HAD to have them. Funny enough I was supposed to be ordering some items from F21 since they're having free shipping but...uhhh i got distracted and decided I preferred ASOS better. I'm positive i was right in my decision.  : )

i'm ALSO lusting over these boots from Torrid
 i'm trying to figure out the CHEAPEST way to get them to me. but it's not looking like anything would work. :(    hopefully they'll go on sale in the next month or so. then maybe it'll be worth it!


we went out with some friends last  night and I'M SO ANGRY that i didn't take pics of my outfit. it was just a tee and jeans but i thought i looked so damn cute! lol I felt pretty all night (even while eating LOTS of buffalo wings!) we played guitar hero for the rest of the evening and ummm.... i have a secret about what we might be doing at the end of october! if it ends up happening i'll share and will of course be sure to take TONS of photos. if it doesn't'll never know! lol

Monday, September 26, 2011

best friends

they're so hard to come by. i lost one a couple of months ago and it was hard. i still think i made the right choice in ending that relationship. especially when i speak with my other bff. we're in 2 different countries and talk only when we have the time but that doesn't matter because when we talk it's like we're in the same room and we can talk for HOURS! we have so much in common and though shes' nothing like me on the outside we're one in the same on the inside. i love my skinny, blonde, perky KK! She's like my Stacy and I'm her Jane! (drop dead diva reference!) anywhos just thought i'd share the love.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

furniture love

i don't have an ootd to post but i do have a new piece of furniture i want to brag about. i actually didn't get to take the pics i wanted becauase the hubster wrapped the dresser in blankets so she wouldn't get all messed up in the basement but here are some pics of the drawers!

when we went in a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with this piece they were asking $240 for her. We were seriously considering spending the money because we just had such an attraction to it but we decided to hold out and see how we felt about it this week. Well, we go it and she's still there and we knew what they were asking already but figured it'd be worth a shot. They guy looked at us and said $200. I was SO excited that they had gone down in price but I didn't show it on my face. Instead we said we'd think about it and started to walk around some more. We were getting ready to leave and talk about it in the car when we came back and said $190. Leevan looked at me and then at him and said "Deal" 
my husband loves me! lol that's all i can say. she's a gorgeous piece said to have been built in the 1890's. i couldn't really care less when she was built. I just LOVE that she's ours. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what else we'll find in the next months. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Market Find!!!

we got this beauty at a flea market we visited yesterday! the hubs and i were walking around and we both walked right up to it. she was perfect an exactly what we were looking for. they were asking $90 for her and we thought it was too much so walked away. on our way out of the flea market lee turned to me and said "do you think $75 is a reasonable offer?" i got SO excited that he was still thinking about it (cause i was too) and said YES! lol we offered the $75 and the guy said $85 then lee said $80 and he agreed! we piled this baby in our little VW and are so pleased with our purchase  :D

this is the milkcrate that lee got for me a couple of weeks ago. thought i'd share him too. they were asking $25 be lee got them down to $15 and I was VERY pleased with that too. we are slowly but surely filling up the apartment we down yet have and it's so exciting  <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eat, Live, Laugh


Dinner went AMAZINGLY well! It turns out my husband works with a bunch of computer nerds that are REALLY funny. We laughed a lot and ate just as much! We had an amazing time and we're hoping to get together with a couple of the guys and have a little dinner party within the next month or so. I put together this outfit and thought it was really fun. 
I posted the last picture so you could get an idea of what the red in my hair turned out like! I know I never actually posted pics of it before


Blazer: Torrid
Tunic: Macy's Plus
Skirt: Faith21
Tights: Addition Elle
Heels: Ross

Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm LONG overdue for a OOTD and decided it was time to come back to planet earth!
Tomorrow night we're going out for dinner with a bunch of guys that Lee works with. I've been stressing out becuase I have no idea what I'm wearing and since I'm not going to buy new clothes I've kinda been mixing and matching different outfits all week. It's stressful but also pretty fun! 
I've been trying for a while to get out of the habit of buying new clothes whenever an occasion comes up. It's wasteful because I normally buy things that I'll only ever wear that once and then it sits in my closet and is never seen again. So, in the past 4 months I've only bought 2 articles of clothing it's insane and absolutely nerve wrecking but because of that I've also learned how to reuse my pieces and make fun new outfits out of them! I'm very proud of myself and my wallet is happy too!
Anywho's, I wore this today. I dropped Lee off at work and spent the day with myself. I visited my favorite new bistro La Boite a Pain and surfed the internet while eating the more amazing brioche and drinking a yummy jasmine tea. I ran into Zellers where I found these AWESOME knee high boots that ACTUALLY FIT ME! I'm thinking about buying them but need to consult with my wallet and future needs (i'm getting so good) I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home while reading my new favorite book series The House of Night. If you love vampires and young adult reads you should definitely check it out (warning: the first 10 chapters of book 1 are REALLY difficult to get through but once you do it's totally worth it!)
That's really about all that's going on right now. We're taking it slow and haven't found any more awesome thrift store finds, sadly. We're still considering buying that dresser for $250 but we're going to wait until the end of the month *fingers crossed*  
I'll let you know how dinner goes and will take pics! I'm dying to try this amazing make up tutorial and may just use it tomorrow.

dress: Forever21 +
Cardi: Apt 9 (kohls)
Tights: Torrid
belt: Forever21
Flats: Mossimo (target)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sharing is Caring

The Hubster sent me this great article to read last night and I wanted to share it would you ladies. Whenever he sends me links from this website I usually end up rolling my eyes and ignoring it but last night I really enjoyed what I got out of it and it's pretty funny too. i hope you get something out of it too. whether you're married, soon to be married or thinking about getting married one day <3 5 Surprising Upsides to Getting Married

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bright Side

September is seeming much better than August already! Leevan took the job as a Tech Support for a call center that deals with Teleconferencing and I'm working 3-4 days a week cleaning condos and chalets. It's definitely not the most glamorous job but for now it'll do.

I'm hoping to hear something about my visa within the next month or so. I'd really love to have my greencard before the new year but I'm not holding my breath.

Leevan and I have decided to stay with our friends for as long as they'll keep us. It's really not a bad situation and it allows for us to save, buy furniture and stuff we need and want at a good and reasonable pace. I would have HATED buying furniture at Ikea again...only to throw/give it away in a year or so. This time we're buying things we love and with an actual design in mind! It's really exciting :D Yesterday we went to a thrift store and found this great wooden coffee table with barrels as legs and a matching ottoman for $20!!! We snatched it up right away. We also went to this antique store and bought this beautiful antique milk crate for $15. They also have this STUNNING dresser I'm lusting over and Lee says that if it's there in a month or so then we'll pay the $250 for it. I'm hoping and wishing and dreaming with all my heart that no one buys it. We're also not planning on renting because I'm SICK AND TIRED of moving!!!!!! We've moved an outrageous number of times in the past 5 years and I'm just done with it. I want our next move to be into our new home. We just now rebuilding our credit and it'll take a year or 2 to re-establish our credit line(sadly my great credit and lee's perfect credit didn't move with us) but once we've established it and by that time hopefully have saved $15-$20k we'll be able to buy a condo in this great up and coming neighborhood of Limoilou. We have it all planned out and once we're home owners we really want to do the baby thing! I'm so excited that Lee's on board with this. It's been eating at me for a while now and though 2 years may seem like a while, I know it's going to fly by.

That's about it for right now. I'm hoping to get my hair done tonight and my eyebrows did. Then MAYBE i'll take some ootd photos! I know i'm long over due.

have a great day!