Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 years down....

and forever to go!

6 years ago (tomorrow) i found this really cute guy while browsing through myspace. i messaged him on aim and a couple of hours later i received a simple reply of ....."hello" it was so smooth and after that clever opening we talked for about 4 hours. 4 hours of everything and nothing. 4 hours of real LOL's and secret behind the computer smiles. Did I think I'd fall in love with this guy? I think I was always open to that possibility. Either way here we are and I oddly enough have to thank myspace for their browsing options! without which I might have never seen this photo....

we don't have much planned for our 6 year anniversary and also for our 2nd wedding anniversary mainly because we're going to France in February next year (i'll explain later) but i do have a spa trip planned for next sunday which includes a couples massage and a Scandinavian Spa experience!

also, i have a photoshoot planned with one of my girlfriends to do some boudoir shots IF i can find the right place to do them, if not then we'll just take some pretty shots of me. LOL  and also we'll finally have our couples photoshoot throughout Old Quebec next month when the plants are in full bloom! I'm super excited to celebrate this year with my husband in our new city.


With a new job in my pocket I have been shopping like a MAD WOMAN! I've been to Old Navy 3 times this past week because I caught them on like a super sale or something! I bought 2 dress pants (1 of which are these beautiful navy wide legged trousers for $2.99) 2 dresses and 11 tops for about $55! I also scored 2 dresses and 1 dress top on the $7 rack at H&M! After my first pay check I promised myself some swanky new heels and I'm terribly excited about those! I've been looking all over and I found a pair at Zara I'd really like to own. They're not expensive ($30) so I'm thinking I could buy these and still get another pair hehe kinda like a bundle package  :)
cute right?!

I'm pretty sure they're going to be mine along with another pair that I can't seem to find on the website.

another fun photo of my ladies and me! we stayed at the beautiful Chateau Frontenac for a little girls night and it was SO much fun. i love these pretty gals and i'm so sad i will not be able to see them everyday now but we have to move on. i'm planning a little girls night at my place this weekend since the hubby will be in florida. :)

other than that not too much going on. we've finished painting our apartment and it's looking so good. it was originally this awful robins egg blue in the living room and this egg yoke color in the kitchen. it's been driving me crazy since we moved in and this 4 day weekend i decided to do something about it! it looks SO goooooood. luckily we did it just in time for lee's mom to come along with our babies. that's right, we're getting our 2 kitties back! it's been almsot 1 1/2 years since we had to bring them to florida and this weekend they're coming home. we've been slowly cat proofing the house and it's almost done! we're so excited. 

alrighty, i've gotta get to school. have a great day and start looking for ootd posts that should be coming along with the warmer weather!