Sunday, July 31, 2011

my happy place.

i went back to my happy place yesterday! i brought leevan along this time. it was still just as glorious but from now on i know not to go so early in the morning.

we left the house around 9 thinking that on the weekend there would be too many people to really enjoy the small set of waterfalls that i had seen last time i went. we stopped first at my little secret spot and leevan had to admit that it was pretty gangster! lol we sat there in the shade for about an hour. we only left because i noticed that when the sun wasn't on the rocks the bugs were more than happy to come out and sit with us. ewww. we walked further up the path until we found the small set of falls that i had seen everyone hanging out on. they were empty except for 2 guys sitting at the edge near the rough section. we walked through the rocks until we found a more tranquil place to sit and read. 2 hours later leevan was done with his beer magazines and i was ready for lunch! we left my happy place just in time. the teenagers began to show up and it was starting to get a little noisy. until next time!

I promised some pics and here they are!

this is what happens when you wake up and decide to go out with no make up and without running a brush through your hair. you can see the little rings of red in my curls! i have to get a better picture of them!!

yeah...i'm re-reading breaking dawn. don't judge!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

quick post!

tunic: macy's plus
leggings: torrid
shoes: mossimo, target
belt: thrift store
necklace; made

i was hoping for something cute and comfy while we did some waiting in various offiices on friday. we had to get our insurance situated both medical and vehicle. also, doing some end of the week shopping. it was a little chilly but still warm enough that I didn't really need the little black cardi in the back (kohls, apt9) 
it was such a simple and cute outfit and definitely one i'll be repeating (scandalous!) 
ok, we're out to have dinner with friends! sorry about the short post.

Friday, July 29, 2011

loving myself.

I came across this great post the other day and thought I would share it with you.
(click photo)

It's a 10 step guide on how you can love yourself more. As I was reading through it I couldn't help how simple these little things seemed and yet they were things that I didn't really do. An example would be:
Step 1. Spend some time alone this coming week.
It seems easy, to go off to the mall and spend some time "alone" I do that all the time. This was different though, to me it meant something a little more personal, something out of my comfort zone. I've always gone to parks and been envious of the people who, by them selves with a blanket and book made an afternoon of just doing nothing and seemingly with complete ease.
 I was always so uncomfortable that people would look at me funny and ask me random stupid questions that I just did not want to answer. But, yesterday I did what I wanted to do and didnt think about what people thought. Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is this great big waterfall in Quebec, they have a bunch of trails and small waterfalls up the mountain and it's one of my favorite places to visit. I had Lee drop me off at the park and walked over the falls which is absolutely breathtaking! (i would have taken pictures but my camera was left in the car) I walked past the tourists, glad that they were on a time limit and didn't normally venture down the different paths that the park had. I walked about 5 minutes until I found what I was searching for. A small trail that led with some difficuly to a large tree that I had to climb over and down (in flip flops) grabbing rocks and branches on my way down I made it (unharmed!) to the bank of the river, there were large rocks that I could sit on that were close enough so that I could put my feet into the ice cold water. I looked down the river to see a larger set of rocks with people on them swimming in much smaller set of falls. I PROMISE I'll take pictures the next time I go (next week hopefully) It was 3 hours of uninterrupted Tina Time and it was glorious! I sat and soaked up the sun, read my book and just looked around and thought about how lucky I was at that moment. I was sad to leave but I know Leevan would be waiting for me. It really made my day and maybe even my week to have that time to myself and now that I know, I'll never deprive myself of it again. 

the next step is to Pay Yourself an Amazing Compliment.
I'll let you know that goes!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rainy day post.

It's been raining all morning and doesn't look like it's planning to stop anytime soon. I've been meaning to post an outfit for quite some time but never seemed to have the chance. Today definitely wasn't the ideal day to take outfit photos, my boots were soaked and I had frizzy rain hair. Nevertheless here it is!

It's cold and rainy so boots were a must today.

boots: Jessica London 
Jeans: Faith 21
Top: Threads for Thought
Cardigan: George
umbrella: gift from my MIL

Lee was my photographer today and I had to admit I loved this shot! so i doctored it up and got this! 
it's a new fav


while walking in the city yesterday my friend and i came across these adorable little button rings. i hadn't bought anything for the day and decided that maybe just maybe i'd grab just one for the hell of it. while looking closer at the rings i realized that they really weren't worth the $10 they were asking for them and that I could probably just make them myself! so, i headed to the craft store and picked up a couple of ring bases, went home and got my jar-o-buttons and glue gun. these 5 little guys are what resulted from about 10 min worth of work. 
grand total = $7 
I have an idea of more fun rings i can make and will hopefully start them soon! 

what about you? have you ever seen something and decided to try and make it yourself? how'd it turn out? was it worth the headache or do you wish you would have just bought the original item?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

rough day

I woke up this morning to see everyone on facebook saying their goodbyes to a good school friend of mine. I went right back to bed.

I don't "do" death. I never have. It scares me and I have no desire to die for a very long time. So, when I see people I know, that are my age and just trying to live the same way I am it hurts to see them be cut short. I've known Andrew since the 3rd or 4th grade. I had a SERIOUS crush on him in the 4th and 5th grade and then through out the years I'd randomly see him in school.In higschool I had hihim another class. Mr. G's english and again we connected and laughed and had so much fun! But, he'd be out of class a lot and miss school, I found out the reason was because he suffered from sickle cell anemia. If someone hadn't told me, I would never guess that Andrew was suffering from a life threatening disease. He had such a positive outlook and so much amazing energy that he could surely overcome ANYTHING! right?! 

I haven't spoken to him in over 5 years. He added me on facebook a couple of months ago and from there we had our random "hey, how's it going" but we'll never have that again. I'm sure like most people, I'll stop by his page from time to time and say "hi" it's better late than never.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

lamp shade project!

I found The Shabby Creek Cottage and this particular project via and fell MADLY in love with it. Convinced I had to own one I immediately went on search for the perfect (cheapest) lamp. I searched and searched and finally found this gem at the thrift store down the road which is seriously becoming my go to spot for awesome cheap junk! It was $5 well worth it and with a trip to wally world I picked up all the supplies I would need for $10. I was SO excited to get started last night that I didn't even think about taking BEFORE pictures and I regret it. I can't even believe that this started out as a ugly brown lamp and with a LOT of patience it turned out to be this gorgeous piece of work! I'm so excited that it's already been set up in my bedroom and I'm going to look for another lamp (hopefully smaller) to do another one.

the words are the lyrics to "you are my sunshine" it's kind of our "secret" song
 (though not after this!) 
we always sing it to eachother  and  for lee's wedding day present i gave him a little music box that played the song. 
we're cheesy and i love it!
any who, so here's the link  again for more info on how I did it!

also, i've been saving all of my wine bottles and my hubs beer bottles in hope that i would find some awesome uses for them and I did! lol

I honestly can't remember what this wine was but I remember it was delicious and I bought it because I liked the bottle (it's imperfect) well I had an idea a couple of weeks ago to stack my bracelets on a paper towel holder. it worked really well but it SO not the look i'm going for in our future apartment so I HAD to think of something else.


it works really well and it's so pretty! I'm in love! lol 
it obviously won't work for a lot of big bracelets but if you have lots of skinny ones this works really well 
or if you just want to show case some of your favorites this is a great idea also! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

long week

This week had to have been one of the longest, hardest and least fashionable weeks of my life! 

Our friends have a friend who is starting a cleaning business (post construction and renovation) and she needed some employees for a busy week before the construction workers went on vacation, I needed a job. I worked all week dusting, mopping, running up and down stairs, re-cleaning and doing all other kinds of stuff that I wouldn't consider fun. I wore the rattiest clothes I could find and my hair stayed in a frizzy bun. It wasn't pretty and I wasn't exactly happy. Until......I was paid! lol I haven't had a paycheck in over a month and even though it was rough, seeing that money go into my hands made it totally worth it. :)  I'm a happy girl and feel accomplished. She won't need me again until after the vacation but I'm pretty sure I'll work some more. It's hard, but I hate not making money! 
It doesn't feel natural. 

In other news....Sabrina is bringing home hair colors to look at! I'm excited! I'll hopefully have an outfit to post this weekend. I need to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Dare....

I've always looked at people who dye their hair with such envy. Now, I'm not talking about people who dye their hair from light brown to dark brown, or from dark brown to black. lol I'm talking about people who take it to the next level! Like insane reds or purples or blues!!! I LOVE that look but definitely didn't think I could pull it off. But now, I'm thinking with a couple of months left till summer is over...WHY THE HECK NOT!?  lol  I don't know anyone here that would be like NO, TINA! DON'T DO IT. lol Except for my hubby and he says that he doesn't mind it. So, next week I'm going RED! not like whoa my entire head is red but I'm going to be doing some very bright streaks of color throughout my curls, in the back towards the bottom. lol so that if I dont like it, I can hide them easily.

 I'm going for a red kinda like what Jordan Sparks has going on

but just dye individual curls like what Katy Perry

 and Joss Stone have going on. 

It's a big move for me but I'm super excited, luckily our friend is a hair stylist should be pain free for the pocket too!

what do you ladies think? 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm seriously hoping pinterest will come up with something more than just a button to put on our blog pages! I'd love for you all to see the wonderful things I THINK I can do!

Until then...I'll keep posting the amazing designs I see, recipes I try, quotes I love and DIY things I do! Speaking of DIY, I made something yesterday. I think it's genius but my hubby thinks I'm a dork for how AMAZED I am by my work with a glue gun (which burned the hell out of my thumb) and some ribbon.  So without further ado..... Presenting my very first DIY Project!!!!!  (clapping)

It's an Earring Holder! lol I still have a little bit of tweaking because the bottom lace drooped too much during the night, but yeah! I'm going to put it in my newest page cleverly called DIY! I don't have any step by step instructions for this one. But I'll have one for the next guy I make. Lee is so excited about my new found love of DIY! lol (can you sense the sarcasm ?)

on other news. I saw Harry Potter last night. It was the happiest and most depressing time of my life.
also, we have our Metallica Concert Tonight! 
my outfit will probably be very similar to what it was for the A7X show, so i won't be posting it! 
have a great day ladies 

btw, im here to entertain you! if there's anything you'd like to see on my blog or back on the blog (like the quotes which Voluptuous Vixen of Voluptuous Chronicles expressed she enjoyed!) Let me know!

Metallica; Nothing Else Matters

Friday, July 15, 2011

new page

quote ♥ is my new page. i'll be adding lovely, inspiring, funny, witty, thoughtful etc... quotes as I come across them.
 hope you love them as much as i do.

last nights concert

So, I decided to go comfy/cute and that was definitely the right choice! We got to the field 6 hours before Avenged Sevenfold was to get on stage. We waited in line for 2 hours and then watched 2 other bands for another 4 hours. 
The opening band "3" was actually really awesome, I loved all the different guitars they played with and the vocalist was AMAZING. At some points I believe I was mesmerized by his voice! The second band was extremely meh and Avenged Sevenfold was awesome of course! They know how to put on a great show, we just wished they would have played songs for their early albums. All in all good times!
 Now that I know what to expect we'll be better prepared for the Metallica show on Saturday.

on to the pics!

Band Shirt: Apocalyptica Show last year
Jeans: Faith21
Shoes: Mossimo, Target
Bag: Torrid

better look at the shirt

By the time Avenged Sevenfold came on, this entire field was packed like sardines! It was insane.

I was resting my feet. we had a LONG time to wait.

 3 was freaking awesome!

by the time A7X came on we were exhausted and in pain so we went to the very back and watched on the field. smart choice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

busy weekend ahead!

So, my blog isn't called Rock n' Ruffles for the sheer adorableness of it! lol  Aside from being into EVERYTHING that is absolutely pretty, shabby chic and full of Vintage Goodiness, I'm also an avid lover of Rock music and my wonderful husband introduced me to Metal 5 years ago! He told me he loved me for the first time at an
Ill Nino concert at The House of Blues.  Since then, it's always had a special place in my heart.

Why do I bring this up? Well, we just scored FREE tickets to the only 2 shows we wanted to see at                      Le Festival d'été de Québec and we couldn't be MORE ecstatic about it!

 Tomorrow at 6pm we'll be watching Avenged Sevenfold and then on Saturday we get to see Metallica! I'm so excited but still have NO IDEA WHAT I'M WEARING!

I gotta check what's still in boxes and put something together....or maybe head to the mall tomorrow! 
either way i'll let you guys know and of course will take pics!

oh yeah....HARRY POTTER COMES OUT ON FRIDAY!  It's really just another GINORMOUS event on my calender!





you'll see in my about me that: I ♥ Metal Boys that Play the Cello
this is Apocalyptica
they are one of my favorite bands and they happened to start out by playing Metallica Covers. Normally it would be appropriate to have a Metallica or A7X video but I go against the grain! lol 
So here are my boys playing an Instrumental Cover of the Metallica song,
 Master of Puppets

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Involved.

I love randomly helpful people.

They other day while waiting in line at Canadian Tire, a lady ahead of us over heard our english conversation and asked (in english) if we were living around here and how long we had been here. We started talking and she told us(specifically me) about this community called VEQ (Voice of English-speaking Quebec) and how they have great programs for Quebec "newcomers" and also about the Morrin Library in Old Quebec which was a historic English speaking Library. 

I was so excited that Yesterday I went by and got some information about different activities that are held throughout the year. It seems like a good reference to have, though most of the programs seem more likely suited for children/teens or parents. However, I did find the Quebec Art Company which is an English Theartre group that I'm interested in learning more about!

i'm reading a lot about people moving to new countries and going into depression because of language barriers and cultural differences among other things. I'm hoping that with my blogging, my workout schedule and maybe getting involved with VEQ a little more that I'll be one of the few that doesn't have this problem (fingers crossed)

I would have taken photos inside Morrin because it's absolutely a beautiful library, but my camera died.  :(

Lace Top: Torrid
Tank: Faith21
Shorts: Exhilaration via Target
Shoes: Seychelles
necklace/purse: forever21

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you ever been into an Anthropologie? I rememeber my first time. The beautifully decorated window front, which usually housed some sort of recycled materials made into fabulous dresses for the models to wear or trees made out of the cardboard rolls or beds made from milk crates or whatever else you could imagine. 

Walking into the store the scent of  burning Voluspa  candels fill the air and the aroma takes you in and leaves you wanting so much more. There is feeling that Anthroplogie wraps around you like a luxurious, satin robe made only for your body,  it engulfs you, almost the second you've entered. As if like a sirens call and you never want to leave. Why would you leave? There is everything you could possibly want there and all you have to do is supply the food! 
The hundreds of trinkets to look at and the clothes to try isn't enough for Anthropologie. They keep you with the beautifully ornate furniture and cozy comfortable couches left for you, yes, you to lounge on. They want you to try the perfumes and the lotions and of course the clothes. They want you to stay and feel comfortable, and they are so seductive about it. It's so dangerous and yet so wonderful. 

i miss having an Anthropologie so close by  :(
i hate not being able to afford the clothes while being in the store.
the website just doesn't have the charm and warmth the store creates. 
i guess i'll live......maybe


Friday, July 8, 2011

New Friends...

Just wanted to do a MAJOR shout out to Shay over at  A Thick Girls Closet   for allowing me to be apart of her fantastic Real Life Runway series! Such a great way to meet bloggers and see such unique styles and gorgeous ladies. Can't wait to see more!

 Also a BIG WELCOME to any new readers! I'm so glad to have you and look forward to checking out your blogs!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrift Fun

skinny jeans: Faith21
Top: Forever21 +
shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls
earrings/heart necklace: Forever21
Key Necklace: (made) chain from old necklace, key from antique store.
bangles: re/dress

I picked up this AMAZING purse and bracelet at the thrift store right down the block from us! I paid $2 for both items and I was so excited about the deal that I did a little happy dance as I left the store. 

I've been absolutely and positively addicted to It has led me to believe that I am a crafty person and can do whatever I want to as long as I have a glue gun and glitter in hand! For that reason, I've picked up some other items not pictured in the thrift store:
an old frame (making a jewelry holder)
3 ornate silver platters (making magnetic note holders and maybe a chalkboard)
2 glass milk bottles (might keep as is, or paint)
a mini loaf pan (made the most amazing berry bread thing this morning!)
food scale (i plan on making macarons this weekend and needed one)
those items along with a 2 things my husband wanted
plus the purse and bracelet
we spent  $13

I love spending so little money and getting so much! 
we plan on going back next week and I'm super excited about what we'll find next.
OH! btw, my insanely, wonderful husband decided to surprise me with something I've been LUSTING over for ever! 
I am the now proud owner of beautiful KitchenAid Standing Mixer and am elated with joy! 
I honestly have to refrain from baking everything on my wishlist now!

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Loaf
(i didn't have 2 cups of blueberries so i mixed it up with 1/2 cup of raspberries, 1/2 cup of black berries and
1 cup blueberries. also, i didn't use lemon zest because i didn't have any on hand!)