Saturday, August 27, 2011

chalkboard herb garden!

i've been DYING to start my own herb garden for....EVER now and I'm finally getting the chance! The lady that lives upstairs works in a Nursery and knows how much I love to cook. She brought me a couple of different herbs for me to plant and I'm going to spend tomorrow getting it ready. I've already bought my pots which are just plain terracotta that I've painted with chalkboard paint  :D they're so cute already and i can't wait to have the herbs in them.  I'm so excited and I promise I'll post pictures as soon as they're planted.

until then here are a few photos for you to get an idea


updated update!

Lee got 2 job offers yesterday!!!!  We're weighing out the pros and cons of both positions.

 job a: is a lot less money than he was making in new york but they kept hinting in the interview that they're looking for a manager in the next couple of months which could mean they have lee in mind for that position. it's also a big company so the opportunity for advancment is always there.

job b: is offering a pay that's only a couple of dollars less than what he was making in ny but he'd be taking a job where advancement is pretty much not an option. It's a very small company with only 2 other guys working in the office.

We're not sure what to do yet but we're seriously considering job A. with us not having any rent to pay we can afford a couple of months of him training and seeing if they're serious about the managemnt position. but it would mean that we don't look for an apt right away....or we take job B and can start looking for an apt next month......decisions...decisions....

what do you guys think?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


August has been the month of nothingness....

I think the reality of moving to Quebec is finally setting in.
The first month was super exciting and almost like we were on an extended vacation.
The second month was full of anxiety and nervousness about not actually leaving.
The third month has been a slap in the face.

 I'm not sure what I thought would happen, I has to be spent on living right!? We've been going through our savings WAY faster than I thought we would. Lee's been on over 10 job interviews including 2 second interviews and still nothing has happened yet. We've had to fix some major things on the car and spent a lot of money finishing my residency papers. In the first 2 months we spent over half our savings on just stuff that we NEEDED to spend money on. It's hard to think that we moved into my aunts house for 7 months to save $10,000 and within 3 months that money is almost completely gone!

I'm so ridiculous sometimes it amazes me. I'm mean OF COURSE we'd be spending money, it's what we do! I just didn't take into account that we wouldn't be replacing the money as fast as we spent it which was never an issue before. I've been really good about things though. I'm working a couple of hours a week for a friend of a friend and Lee is still working hourly with his old boss in NY. We're definitely spoiling ourselves a little bit more than we should be..only because when we deny ourselves things in life...then it's no fun!!!

 We decided against the whole getting internet in the house which is why I haven't been blogging as often as I should. There's no cable run through the house and we didn't want to spend money have cable put in when it's not our home. So, we're toughing it out and living at the library and my new favorite bistro La Boite a Pain!

Lee has a phone interview today...I'm crossing my fingers that it goes well! It's a great job...the pay is about $4/h less than what he was making in NY but our cost of living is so much less and they offer GREAT benefits that it'll more than make up the difference!

So, that's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks. It's been a pretty slow month with a lot to think about. Lee and I are doing great and the depression I'm supposed to be feeling hasn't creeped up on me. I'm hoping that it stays that way. I miss writing and taking pictures and hopefully within the next couple of months we'll be in our own place and I'll get back to where I'm supposed to be!

till then.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

i have to agree with this. i tend to find that people who LOVE food are just better company! my husband and i are on the search for a married couple who loves food as much as we do! there are so many restaurants we want to try that would be so much fun to experience with another couple while drinking a bottle of wine...or 2! lol

i ordered this ring along with another on etsy today! they were so cute and so cheap that i couldn't refuse.
can't wait till they get here!

Friday, August 5, 2011

stupid internet!

so, we've been stealing wifi for over a 2 months! lol we've had a great connection and it didn't make any sense to pay for internet when we had it for free...right!? well, now for some reason our  wifi connection is gone and we've been without internet for about 4 days. We've been loitering in McDonald's for the sake of keeping up with the world and it's awful! Lee has finally decided it's time to get our own wifi because...well this is just sad. lol they're coming on Tuesday to set us up! hooray!