Monday, January 31, 2011


About a year and a half ago my then boyfriend and I decided that we eventually wanted to move to Quebec, CA. It wasn't an overnight decision and we battled back a fourth for a while but finally knew that it's what we wanted to do. So, after the wedding we started the paperwork to have my husband become a U.S. Citizen (he's Canadian). It's a LONG process there's a lot of things that have to be done before the application can even be sent in and on top of everything you have to write a check for $700 without knowing whether or not they'll actually grant him his Citizenship. Anyways, that was all sent in September and we've had 2 different letters come in the mail since then, in December we received a letter saying that Lee had to go for fingerprinting and a background check which was done early January and the last was TODAY! He's been scheduled for an interview date early March! This means if all goes well his ceremony will take place hopefully soon after and we could be on our way to Canada BEFORE THE SUMMER! I know this doesn't really seem like much but to us it's been something that didn't seem to be tangible and now it's almost here. We're so excited. I'll definitely keep you posted as we hear more....

here are some pics of the place i'll be calling my home!!!!!

Old Quebec


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