Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 years down....

and forever to go!

6 years ago (tomorrow) i found this really cute guy while browsing through myspace. i messaged him on aim and a couple of hours later i received a simple reply of ....."hello" it was so smooth and after that clever opening we talked for about 4 hours. 4 hours of everything and nothing. 4 hours of real LOL's and secret behind the computer smiles. Did I think I'd fall in love with this guy? I think I was always open to that possibility. Either way here we are and I oddly enough have to thank myspace for their browsing options! without which I might have never seen this photo....

we don't have much planned for our 6 year anniversary and also for our 2nd wedding anniversary mainly because we're going to France in February next year (i'll explain later) but i do have a spa trip planned for next sunday which includes a couples massage and a Scandinavian Spa experience!

also, i have a photoshoot planned with one of my girlfriends to do some boudoir shots IF i can find the right place to do them, if not then we'll just take some pretty shots of me. LOL  and also we'll finally have our couples photoshoot throughout Old Quebec next month when the plants are in full bloom! I'm super excited to celebrate this year with my husband in our new city.


  1. This is so darn cute. I can't imagine meeting someone online and then spending the rest of my life with them! Must be so interesting. The internet is the best :P <3

    Happy Anniversary!

    Castle Fashion

  2. thank you so much! it has been an adventure since we've been together and i'm looking forward to so many more!

  3. What a cute story of how you met, its actually so sweet, just goes to show that true love WILL find YOU when you least expect it. Congrats on you 6th year together, may you have 60 more!