Saturday, August 27, 2011

updated update!

Lee got 2 job offers yesterday!!!!  We're weighing out the pros and cons of both positions.

 job a: is a lot less money than he was making in new york but they kept hinting in the interview that they're looking for a manager in the next couple of months which could mean they have lee in mind for that position. it's also a big company so the opportunity for advancment is always there.

job b: is offering a pay that's only a couple of dollars less than what he was making in ny but he'd be taking a job where advancement is pretty much not an option. It's a very small company with only 2 other guys working in the office.

We're not sure what to do yet but we're seriously considering job A. with us not having any rent to pay we can afford a couple of months of him training and seeing if they're serious about the managemnt position. but it would mean that we don't look for an apt right away....or we take job B and can start looking for an apt next month......decisions...decisions....

what do you guys think?

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