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Over the years i've gone through many a different hair styles. Some that required little to no work, some that required WAY too much work. I'd say that since I graduated highschool 6 years ago my hair has been straight 5 1/2 of those years. I just recently started to appreciate again how wonderful my natural curly hair is and I've started to really learn how to take care of it, which products to use, how to use them and when to use them. I didn't know until about 5 months ago that products for curly hair should be applied to sopping wet hair! That if done otherwise it can cause the crunchy nasty curls that I got the 1st couple of weeks in trying to work with my hair! lol  I decided to do a post on hair products I've found that have worked for me! Most of them the majority of them are 100% natual or vegan but some of them I've yet to find good natural replacements for.

Trichomania is a LUSH solid shampoo. 
I love this shampoo because it cleans my hair and adds the moisture I need for beautifully defined curls.

Jungle is a LUSH solid conditioner
i love this product because it's natural, makes your hair smell AMAZING, and creates soft hair for beautiful soft curls.
I came across this product while looking for a new, less expensive, natural conditioner (my original one was $18 for 8.4 fl. Oz which is just insane! lol)
The girl at the counter told me that with my hair Jungle would work just as well, if not better than American Cream! I was told how to use it and given a decent sized sample to take home. I broke a piece off and rubbed it in my wet hands..and rubbed and rubbed .....and rubbed. I think it made enough conditioner to clean a barbies head! I took what it made and rubbed it through my didn't feel like I had put any thing in my hair! I was fed up and just rinsed through. jumped out of the shower and got ready for bed.  The first thing my husband said when I lay down was "OMG your hair smells INSANELY GOOD!"  and the rest of the night he just kept sniffing it! lol it was so funny  :D
in the morning I got up to straighten my hair for the gym and I kept touching it and feeling how....different it felt? It was SO soft and touchable and not what I was expecting from a dud conditioner! My hair was like baby soft, it was bizarre and so NICE! lol I was sold from that moment on! It may not seem like it's doing much but it really is working it's magic! I suggest if you're looking for a new conditioner try LUSH, their great with their customers and will let you sample....everything? before you buy it (because they know you'll be back!) lol

Jonathon Create Curl: Curling Serum
100% Vegan
use on soaking wet, brushed hair
I found this product at Marshalls in NY and he was actually the inspiration for this post. The first time I tried this product I thought I had died and went to Curl Heaven! It really was unbelievable how perfect curls were. I went straight back to that Marshalls combing the shelves hoping to find another bottle or 2 but to no avail.The past few months, whenever a Marshalls was in sight I was there looking for more Jonathan Products! I came across some items for straightening or for heat but no curlling serum. :(
I finally brought myself back to the 21st century only 2 days ago and decided to look online! Et Voila! I find it on amazon  :D not really what I was hoping to spend on it, but it's completely worth the money. The bottle is a little small (very small) but I'm telling you, what you get out of your curls is totally worth every dime.

Marc Anthony, Strictly Curls: Curl Booster
use on towel dried hair
I found this product a couple of years ago and it's been the 1 constant I've had for my curls. It's really easy to use but unfortunately it's not natural. I'm almost done with this bottle and will not be buying it again in hopes that it will force me to look for more natual curl boosting products. BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT if you're not into the whole natural, paraben-free jazz! lol

Rusk, w8less: Strong Hold,  Hair Spray
I have about 8 of these bottles! I find them at Marshalls and they sell them for like $3 if they don't have the pink spray thingy on then or if they top isn't their then it's like $5 but seriously it's SO worth the full price too! lol I use this product after everything else and after my hair has been diffused to about 80% dry, then I spray into my hair and diffuse again till about 90% dry and stop. let it finish drying naturally and then spray with hair spray and tease as desired. 

it's a process to have my curls, i've abused my hair so much over the years with unnatural straightening techniques and product overkill that i know what i don't want! lol it's worth taking the time to do my hair right because it's too beautiful to not want to see!

i hope you got something out of this, definitely check out these products. you can find most if not all of them on

ciao for now

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