Wednesday, June 1, 2011

photo 1: self portrait

we're probably already at our new home by this time...however i'm not sure if we'll have internet up and running for a first couple of days. i scheduled this post that way i know i keep up with my photo project. I AM HOWEVER.....cheating. lol this is a VERY old pic...probably 6 years ago or so but i figured with leevan and i celebrating our 1 year anniversary in 8 days i'd go ahead and post this.

this is the first photo comment he made on my myspace "you have a KILLER smile"

5 years have passed and he still loves me and my smile! i love that man with everything i have to offer. he makes me happy :)

update! We're at our new home and already completed a couple of things on our to-do list! we found a gym, went grocery shopping, found info on lee's cell phone plan and found internet to steal! things are off to a good start :D


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