Thursday, October 20, 2011

au revoir to ASOS CURVE and Torrid

remember i told you about those 2 skirts that i was SO excited to get. well i ordered them and also a pair of the   
LuLu Cognac Knee-High boot  from torrid. Well last week i get a reciept from the post office saying that i missed a delivery and can pick it up at the post office after i paid the extra taxes of $39.28!!! the skirts cost me $95  and i have to pay $40 in taxes a fees?!?! I couldn't justify doing that so i declined the skirts at the post office and didn't even have to pay the return shipping to asos which was awesome. my boots came in today and AGAIN close to $30 for the fees so needless to say i was pissed and the boots were also returned. I'm so ANGRY because the boots were supposed to be apart of my halloween costume!!! So, now i'm stuck having to wait for my refunds to come in and I probably won't have any good boots to wear with the costume. I could just wear a pair of heels but i really wanted the boots!

  :(  I'm very sad that I'm going to have to give up 2 of my favorite online shopping destinations only because i'm sure that more will follow.  

end rant

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