Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lots Going On

   It's been pretty busy the past week or so. Lee's hours have been pretty random so we've been able to go to the gym like we used to do and it feels so great. I used to think people who spent hours at the gym were insane but we really do enjoy it. We have our own personalized circuit and it works so well for us. I hope we keep it up.
   We've also started working on my application to extend my visa. My residency still hasn't come through and if we don't put the application in before Nov. I might not be approved and may have to go back to the States for a while. It's nothing major but I definitely don't want to be taken away from Leevan so we're working hard to get the paperwork done.
   Leevan may have a new job opportunity! This call center business just isn't working out and we're just not sure that they're going to promote him as fast as we would like. Anywho, the temp agency he was working with found him an accounting job that's 6 month with possibility of a permanent position. The job pays a considerable amount more than what he is being paid and that means more savings for us! So, he has an interview next week and hopefully gets the job and can WOW them with his amazing personality and business savvy skills. lol
   Remember how I told you that we were going to stay with our friends until we were able to buy a house? Well that might have changed. Our friends are having some marital issues and it's slowly becoming  awkward to live in this house. We only see them 3 days a week which makes it kind of bearable but that doesn't make it any easier. We know that we need to give them time to themselves so we've been trying to save what little we can and start looking for possible apartments. We're not rushing out of here but we definitely think that by the spring we'll be gone. We want to find an apartment that we LOVE. mainly because we really really don't want to have to move again until we're ready to buy. So, the search is on.
   Another, "just thought you'd know" Lee and I both have Baby Fever! I never knew that men could get it but it's happened. We want a baby, I guess it makes sense to WANT to have a baby here because that's what everyone does! lol I'm not kidding! Everyone is pregnant here! You can't go outside without seeing like 10 pregnant women at the mall or grocery store. Something is definitely in the water. Luckily our fever hasn't spread to my belly because I'm still without insurance so that would be problem but we wouldn't hate if it did spread within the next year or so. Especially if Lee get's this job and I get my residency papers/insurance soon. I've been looking into midwives/home deliveries because after seeing MANY MANY documentaries and tv shows I know it's something I want IF I'm physically able to do so. I know the hospitals aren't like the ones in the States. It's not a business here which is great but idk...I still love the idea of bringing my baby in this world very peacefully and on my own time and in a way I feel comfortable in. Whenever I watch a home birth on video I feel a sense of calm and relaxation. When I see a hospital birth I feel anxious and scared!  lol
So, yeah....BABY!  lol  as my hubby says " not now but soon"  :)

Anywhos, that's about it for now. I'm sure I'll have an update for you guys in a week or so and hopefully that'll include that news of Lee's new job!   *FINGERS CROSSED*

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