Thursday, October 13, 2011

my pumpkins!

so i'm awful at before and after lol 
just imagine that these guys looked pretty much like your average pumpkins before they were transformed!

this little guy was my first craft gluecreation. i actually made the glue with just equal parts white glue and water. just shake it up and your ready to go! the buttons were from my jar and were just hot glued around the pumpkin and stem.

 this charming lady did have a really unique stem but some of the guys were playing around with her and tore it off. i was not happy. 
so i decided to hide the fact that she was stemless by making her have a pretty little PUFF! lol
i bought the lace from the thrift store down the block for like 75 cents and just tied it with a rubber band and some left over ribbon. now she's sassy!

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