Thursday, December 8, 2011

a week in photos

tuesday was picture day

Spaceballs Team Photo!   (we're in 4th place)

our first Christmas party of the season

We're were battling with frogs

Lots of Snow this morning

my honey.

our street this morning

chez Brulerie Limoilou

my favorite thing to do lately is to drink tea and people watch! I won't have much time for that anymore, now that school is starting. lol

tonight we have a hockey party to attend with some friends and tomorrow is our 2nd Christmas party. It's been a SERIOUSLY busy week for me. On top of everything I joined a Night-Goers Committee in which we basically will be planning monthly events for the Voices of English Speaking Quebec (VEQ) I'm definitely keeping myself on my toes now that I can be involved with all of these things. It's nice to be apart of a place. I'm really trying to make Quebec my home.

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