Sunday, January 8, 2012

i love thrifting.

we have a couple of apartments to see today. 1 is again in the desired area and the other is in THE HOLY GRAIL aka Old Quebec. I've wanted to live in Old Quebec for EVER and the only reason it wasn't an option is because parking is either expensive or impossible. Well, the apartment we found actually has parking and for a very decent price! I'm excited!

Anywho, this post is called I Love Thrifting. We went to 5 of best thrift stores around us and came out with some awesome finds. We found a cute little garlic terracotta garlic holder for $1, we found this really cute wooden dining room set for $90 (it's on hold for us) and we found a stove for $75 (apartments don't come with appliances) at another thrift store we found THE COUCH!!! she's gorgeous and everything I hoped for. We didn't buy her yet because we're not sure if we got the first apartment and it might be too big for anyother place. We told them that we were very interested and if anyone came to buy it to call us and we'll come and purchase it ahead of them! (sneaky sneaky). At 1 of the other places we found this awesome 7up antique crate. Other than it being a cleaning project it was in pretty good shape. Lee and I looked at eachother and because it had no price walked up to the counter. We asked the teenager (yay!) what the price was.....she looked it over.....looked it over.....and then said the magic words .....$5!!!!! We bought it right there. It's so freakign cool and was a breeze to clean up. We now have 2 awesome antique crates and hope to add to the collection over time.  :)

so yeah... I love thrifting. end of story.


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