Sunday, January 8, 2012

waiting game...(updated)

this waiting game is killing me! the landlord is running a credit check and lee says that they don't run credit unless they're interested in you and usually only do it if:  A we're first in line for the apartment or B the first guy didn't pass his credit check and we're next in line. I don't really care which one it is as long as we end up with this place. i can't seem to think about anything else. it's seriously consuming me.

I made Julia Childs Boeuf Bourguignon today. When I need to stop thinking about something...I cook. It came out delish and the wonderful thing about this recipe is that it's actually better the next day! So, dinner tomorrow is set  :)

This is the 7up crate we bought. Isn't he awesome?!?!

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