Tuesday, November 22, 2011

coming clean...

i shampoo my hair every other week.

I know. That must sound completely absurd but it's true. I used to shampoo almost more that I conditioned my hair because I was convinced my hair was too oily. Then I started reading in on how to properly take care of my curly hair. I found a video on Girl with Curves and she explained her hair routine and how she's able to keep her girls so gorgeous and lush. What she said about shampooing once a week made sense and I figured I'd try it out. The first week was a little hectic because the oil continued to build up because it was so used to being cleaned daily! By shampooing my hair 3-4 time a week I had actually trained it to produce more oil. of course!

fyi: i only shampoo/condition sulfate and paraben free. i use Trichomania by LUSH and also Soft and Silky Vanilla Silk by Organix for conditioners I use American Cream and Jungle by LUSH and  (i alternate shampoos and conditioners)

So, by week 2 my hair had only been washed once. It was so happy to have that shampoo in and didn't want to oil up as quickly that week. My curls were luscious and I had one of my best hair weeks! lol Week 3 proved even better and for the past 3 months I've only washed my hair once a week. Well... up until 3 weeks ago. 
3 weeks ago I came across this post via Pinterest and though it wasn't the first time I'd come across a "shampoo free" way of life. It was definitely the first time I'd considered it. The  post talks about everything I already know. Parabens and sulfates and all the chemicals that are in everyday shampoos conditioners are bad. It's is why I convinced myself that paying $20 for an 8oz bottle of conditioner was worth it. I was protecting myself. Well, 3weeks ago I used a mixture of 1.5 tbsp of baking soda and 1/2 cup of water. I poured it on my head and rubbed it in as you would shampoo. The mixture doesn't lather it doesn't even feel like it's in your hair anymore but it DOES work. My hair is so shiny and so clean and I have no more dandruff  (yeah ew) It was like the light shined down and showed me that this is the way! So, basically I've been converted.
 If you're on a budget and looking for a healthy and cheap and effective way to clean your hair just TRY it. give it 2 weeks just so you know for sure and I'm positive you'll be convinced. So, here's my schedule

sunday: baking soda/ conditioner
tuesday/thursday: conditioner
sunday: shampoo/conditioner
tuesday/thursday: conditioner
sunday: baking soda/ conditioner

The shampoo and conditioners I use are not cheap and using them as sparingly as I do hasn't certainly been helpful on our pockets.So, when I run out in the next year or so (lol) I won't buy anymore and will just use the baking soda solution. I haven't tried the condition treatments she offers yet. I need to try it...maybe after the holidays.


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