Friday, November 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

As of 2:23pm today Canada is officially my home. I couldn't help but have the cheesiest smile on my face when the agent shook my hand and welcomed me to my new home. It was EXCITING! So, next week my goal is to get my new SIN (social insurance number) apply for my Medical Insurance and set up a meeting with an agent to get me into French Classes and hopefully find a part time job close by. It's such a relief because I spent th last 6 months not knowing when i'd be able to start this and now it's here! I have it all at my finger tips. I cannot wait.

Other exciting news. We had our first team Dodgeball tournament this week. I'm actually a pretty darn good dodgeball player! lol Our team (No Name as of yet) won the most games i think like 15 or something like that. Leevan's team came in 3rd and I won 2 shootouts against guy and girl players! I'm really, really happy that we're doing this. It's so much fun and great exercise. You know what they say. A couple that plays together, stays together.

so yeah. exciting news and exciting future ahead. can't wait!

i'll keep you posted.

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