Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glass Half Full.

I've been in Quebec for 5 months. I know!!! Time flies. lol. It's been rough, the honeymoon stage has pretty much come to an end and now I'm realizing that there is so much more to Quebec than the history, food, scenery, etc... There's a whole culture that I'm responsible for adapting to. That's A LOT to ask of a person! I mean, I  have friends that won't move out of their hometown in Florida because they're so used to their little "bubble" and here I am getting ready to learn, not only a new language but a whole new way of life. It's intense and I know now that I really hadn't thought it all the way through. I was EXTREMELY  naive to think that I'll have the language down in 5 months and ready to go to work and do whatever I needed to do to when my papers came in.
 I went to a meeting tonight hosted by The Voices of English Speaking Quebec (VEQ) and it was a meeting for newcomers and gave a lot of insight on "Finding Your Niche" inside of Quebec. There were 2 guest speakers and both of them had completely different experiences.One man came here for love and studied hard to learn the language, found a job and adapted. It took him 7 years but he feels that now Quebec is as much his home as it is someone that has lived here all their life. The other lady moved here to kind of find herself. She's been here 3 years and knows the basics of the language, she works as a english-speaking tour guide and just loves it here. I guess it just shows me that no matter if I learn the language next month of in 7 years I'll be able to find my place.I was seriously worried about that but now I know that it's possible and it makes me feel so much better.

oooo! i also met some girls my age!!! we're talking about getting together next week for drinks and I'm hoping that goes through. I've only made 1 friend here and we haven't hung out since I've stopped working. :( 
it'll be nice to have girl time again. 

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