Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm LONG overdue for a OOTD and decided it was time to come back to planet earth!
Tomorrow night we're going out for dinner with a bunch of guys that Lee works with. I've been stressing out becuase I have no idea what I'm wearing and since I'm not going to buy new clothes I've kinda been mixing and matching different outfits all week. It's stressful but also pretty fun! 
I've been trying for a while to get out of the habit of buying new clothes whenever an occasion comes up. It's wasteful because I normally buy things that I'll only ever wear that once and then it sits in my closet and is never seen again. So, in the past 4 months I've only bought 2 articles of clothing it's insane and absolutely nerve wrecking but because of that I've also learned how to reuse my pieces and make fun new outfits out of them! I'm very proud of myself and my wallet is happy too!
Anywho's, I wore this today. I dropped Lee off at work and spent the day with myself. I visited my favorite new bistro La Boite a Pain and surfed the internet while eating the more amazing brioche and drinking a yummy jasmine tea. I ran into Zellers where I found these AWESOME knee high boots that ACTUALLY FIT ME! I'm thinking about buying them but need to consult with my wallet and future needs (i'm getting so good) I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home while reading my new favorite book series The House of Night. If you love vampires and young adult reads you should definitely check it out (warning: the first 10 chapters of book 1 are REALLY difficult to get through but once you do it's totally worth it!)
That's really about all that's going on right now. We're taking it slow and haven't found any more awesome thrift store finds, sadly. We're still considering buying that dresser for $250 but we're going to wait until the end of the month *fingers crossed*  
I'll let you know how dinner goes and will take pics! I'm dying to try this amazing make up tutorial and may just use it tomorrow.

dress: Forever21 +
Cardi: Apt 9 (kohls)
Tights: Torrid
belt: Forever21
Flats: Mossimo (target)


  1. i love love love this dress on you! you look awesome

  2. love this outfit on you! lookin hawt! :)