Tuesday, September 27, 2011

skirt love!

i just ordered these 2 skirts from ASOS! 

i don't normally spend $100 on 2 items. It's actually EXTREMELY rare! They were just too cute and going to be perfect for this fall that I HAD to have them. Funny enough I was supposed to be ordering some items from F21 since they're having free shipping but...uhhh i got distracted and decided I preferred ASOS better. I'm positive i was right in my decision.  : )

i'm ALSO lusting over these boots from Torrid
 i'm trying to figure out the CHEAPEST way to get them to me. but it's not looking like anything would work. :(    hopefully they'll go on sale in the next month or so. then maybe it'll be worth it!


we went out with some friends last  night and I'M SO ANGRY that i didn't take pics of my outfit. it was just a tee and jeans but i thought i looked so damn cute! lol I felt pretty all night (even while eating LOTS of buffalo wings!) we played guitar hero for the rest of the evening and ummm.... i have a secret about what we might be doing at the end of october! if it ends up happening i'll share and will of course be sure to take TONS of photos. if it doesn't then....you'll never know! lol

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  1. I love both the skirts! :)