Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Market Find!!!

we got this beauty at a flea market we visited yesterday! the hubs and i were walking around and we both walked right up to it. she was perfect an exactly what we were looking for. they were asking $90 for her and we thought it was too much so walked away. on our way out of the flea market lee turned to me and said "do you think $75 is a reasonable offer?" i got SO excited that he was still thinking about it (cause i was too) and said YES! lol we offered the $75 and the guy said $85 then lee said $80 and he agreed! we piled this baby in our little VW and are so pleased with our purchase  :D

this is the milkcrate that lee got for me a couple of weeks ago. thought i'd share him too. they were asking $25 be lee got them down to $15 and I was VERY pleased with that too. we are slowly but surely filling up the apartment we down yet have and it's so exciting  <3

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