Monday, September 26, 2011

best friends

they're so hard to come by. i lost one a couple of months ago and it was hard. i still think i made the right choice in ending that relationship. especially when i speak with my other bff. we're in 2 different countries and talk only when we have the time but that doesn't matter because when we talk it's like we're in the same room and we can talk for HOURS! we have so much in common and though shes' nothing like me on the outside we're one in the same on the inside. i love my skinny, blonde, perky KK! She's like my Stacy and I'm her Jane! (drop dead diva reference!) anywhos just thought i'd share the love.



  1. Lovely post, very sweet.
    How did you end the relationship with your other friend? Sometimes people DO move on, just intrigued as to how you tackled it.
    Come over to my blog sometime, I'd love to see you.
    Gem xx

  2. I honestly didn't end it the best of ways. I could have definitely been more adult about it. Trying to hold on to something that just isn't there anymore can be frustrating and when I finally snapped I snapped hard.
    We had lots in common as far as likes and dislikes but when it came to a personal relationship it just didn't work for us. I think as far as my end there always seemed to be a competition and that just doesn't make for a healthy relationship. We tried to keep it going I think out of habit but from what I read on her blog and from what I knew what that it was a "friendship" that should have been severed a long time ago. I'm learning from my mistakes and really do hope and wish the best for her. We outgrew eachother and that happens in life.