Wednesday, May 11, 2011

America, America....

Today was a fun-filled day of waiting....waiting....and just when you think you're done waiting....just keep waiting....cause we had to wait for a while!!! We also had a delicious lunch at Houston's and then went to the dentist for a cleaning with the hubster.

My hubby is now a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America. He wasn't actually THRILLED about the idea of the whole process, mainly because it's a lot of money and time to spend when we're moving out of the country in 3 weeks. But it's done and that means we can move to Canada and not be worried abouthaving issues whenever we come to The States to visit family. The Ceremony was insanely seriously awful. We had to be up at 5:30 am to be dressed and ready and out of the door by 7:00 it took an hour to get there and were told wehad a 30 min wait before anything was started. 3 HOURS LATER!!!!! All of the paperwork and sitting in silence was done and the 20 MINUTE "CEREMONY" could be started!!!! I thought I was going to shoot myself. I'm such an impatient person so to just sit in silence.....around people i didnt know.......for 3 hours........was almost unbearable! LUCKILY seeing Leevan look behind and smile at me from time to time made the waiting worth it. He's so freaking handsome :D

After the ceremony I was craving steak so we went to Houston's for an overpriced lunch! It was totally delish and worth it!!! By the time I remembered that I was supposed to take pictures all my of my chicken was torn to bits and only half of my spinach was left. I tried to pretty it up and take some anyways but Lee just told me to give up! lol

Later, we walked around the mall trying to find new shoes for Lee before heading to the dentist for his checkup on the wisdom teeth pulled out 6 months ago. Everthing is looking good so we can go to CA and not worry about needing any extra work before his insurance kicks in!

Finally we came home...jumped into bed and watched The Mechanic. It was surprisingly GOOD! lol I love that guy (can't ever remember his name) He's super sexy and super British which is a very good combination for me!
All in all the day was a success! My husband is no longer an Alien and we had a tummy full of good food and an eye full of a sexy british badass!

I'll end with a pic of the outfit I wore today. Didn't wear the pretty new shoes I got cause it was a wee bit chilly when we left the house the AM. But I did wear some pretty Jessica Simpson heels I bought a couple of months ago.

sorry about the cheesy mirror pic. i'm pretty sure i packed my tripod :/

ciao all

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