Tuesday, May 10, 2011

things i bought this week!!!

i figured this is a fun thing to have for a blog because I'm always buying something new and fun!

Yesterday, I bought some fabulous shoes from Nordstrom Rack! They were $34.95 with 50% off!!! They're so freaking pretty! My aunt bought me a pair of the same brand( Seychelles) last year for my birthday and sadly those shoes don't fit perfectly and can only be worn for a VERY short amount of time! lol These are wedged sandals so they fit much more comfortably and I'm hoping to wear them tomorrow for Lee's big day (he's becoming an American!) I'll take pics of my outfit and post them for you to see tomorrow!

I also bought some pretty new undies from Target :D they're thongs and were 5 for $20 and super worth it. lol (leevan really liked them!)
Lastly I bought some lotion from Jergens that gradually tans which is something I've been wanting for a while. I LOVE being in the sun but it's so bad for skin that I try not to be in it as much and if I am I normally wear sunblock on my face! So, it's hard to get the color I want. With this, I'm hoping to be the color I love while protecting the skin I love!

The week definitely isn't over so I'm sure I'll be updating this sporadically.

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