Thursday, May 19, 2011


i know you guys are probably over this move already, even though it hasn't even taken place yet! it's just insane to think that we have we have 13 more days until the move...i have 5 more days of work and that 5 of these 13 days will be spent in a celebration of some sort! i'll be atteneding 3 different farewell parties before we leave! it's exciting :D
lee's party for work is being held this saturday, only because his boss is going away memorial weekend. then my job is going to have a very little "to do" for me and THEN the ladies at my old job are holding a 2 part farewell that includes rollerskating and karoke in manhattan! i'm on the hunt for a fat friendly rollerskating outfit and a killer dress to wear for the karoke night in manhattan! i'm so glad summer is here cause that opens my options to so much more fun stuffs!
I can't wait for the move.

nighty night

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