Monday, May 9, 2011

living with family----it ain't easy

My husband and I have been living with some family while we wait for our move. It hasn't been the easiest time int he world but it definitely hasn't been the hardest thing to do either. My aunt likes her home a specific way... I get that. We're not used to it and because of that we choose to just stay out of her way and make it so that we're kind of invisible. She doesn't like that! So, we try and make ourselves useful when we can. We offer to help when we can and I know that's it's not enough but sometimes I feel as if I'm being treated as a "lepper" because of it. I wish so hard that we weren't moving in with another family and that we'd just have our own home again. It's so hard to be someone we're not and I know it's not easy for my aunt and family as well. I just can't wait to be done with this whole situation and back on our own 2 feet.

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