Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday and today have been full of nothing but laughs and tears. I really didn't think much about the people we'd be leaving behind in the beginning of our moving process but now, with only 2 weeks until the big day, the reality is definitely setting in. :(
Yesterday we had a double date with an older couple that is very dear to our hears. Chipper and Ayanna are the couple that inspire us to just do whatever we can to make it work, especially when it comes to having children in our lives. We started the evening having dinner at Houlihan's where we had oversized cocktail drinks, too many appetizers and then a I was challenged to take a shot of whiskey by Chip and the waiter! I didn't want to dissapoint so I accepted and IMPRESSED! lol :D
After dinner we went to Mystique which is a Hookah Lounge. I've tried hookah before and really enjoyed it so I was all for going again :D It was such a great time and just a good way to talk and enjoy the company of good people. We ended the night at Cold Stone....need I say more? lol
Today, Lee hung out with a good friend doing "man" things like seeing the movie Bridesmaids!!! lol I however, took my cousins and my brother Matt (visiting from florida) to see Thor. O....M....G....

end of story.

I didn't wear anything worth taking pics of today so I'll post my yesteday outfit
I honestly wish I could say the pics were better...we were running so late but i knew if I didn't document something at home it would never happen. So, here are the poor quality, lack of flash pics I took!

belt: random boutique
shoes: jessica simpson via marshalls
dress: unknown via Re/dress
cardi: faith21

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