Saturday, July 30, 2011

quick post!

tunic: macy's plus
leggings: torrid
shoes: mossimo, target
belt: thrift store
necklace; made

i was hoping for something cute and comfy while we did some waiting in various offiices on friday. we had to get our insurance situated both medical and vehicle. also, doing some end of the week shopping. it was a little chilly but still warm enough that I didn't really need the little black cardi in the back (kohls, apt9) 
it was such a simple and cute outfit and definitely one i'll be repeating (scandalous!) 
ok, we're out to have dinner with friends! sorry about the short post.


  1. I love the material in that tunic :D It's so frilly and cute.

    Castle Fashion

  2. So so cute girl! That top is adorbs.