Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rainy day post.

It's been raining all morning and doesn't look like it's planning to stop anytime soon. I've been meaning to post an outfit for quite some time but never seemed to have the chance. Today definitely wasn't the ideal day to take outfit photos, my boots were soaked and I had frizzy rain hair. Nevertheless here it is!

It's cold and rainy so boots were a must today.

boots: Jessica London 
Jeans: Faith 21
Top: Threads for Thought
Cardigan: George
umbrella: gift from my MIL

Lee was my photographer today and I had to admit I loved this shot! so i doctored it up and got this! 
it's a new fav


while walking in the city yesterday my friend and i came across these adorable little button rings. i hadn't bought anything for the day and decided that maybe just maybe i'd grab just one for the hell of it. while looking closer at the rings i realized that they really weren't worth the $10 they were asking for them and that I could probably just make them myself! so, i headed to the craft store and picked up a couple of ring bases, went home and got my jar-o-buttons and glue gun. these 5 little guys are what resulted from about 10 min worth of work. 
grand total = $7 
I have an idea of more fun rings i can make and will hopefully start them soon! 

what about you? have you ever seen something and decided to try and make it yourself? how'd it turn out? was it worth the headache or do you wish you would have just bought the original item?


  1. Aww. These are so cute :D I love buttons and love rings so it seems like a natural combination. I'll have to try it soon. I've had a huge button collection just sitting around doing nothing for a while :P

    Castle Fashion

  2. those button rings are super cute. :)


  3. @Yasmeen: They're definitely worth it! they're so much fun and you can make all kinds of things with them. I added a little pearl bead to the top of a couple and they're wonderful! Only problem seems to be the glue. I have a pretty cheap glue gun and once I dropped a ring it shattered. I re-did them with my husbands cement glue stuff and it seems stronger. just a heads up :D

    @ tete. Thanks so much! they're so easy, you should definitely try them out :)