Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm seriously hoping pinterest will come up with something more than just a button to put on our blog pages! I'd love for you all to see the wonderful things I THINK I can do!

Until then...I'll keep posting the amazing designs I see, recipes I try, quotes I love and DIY things I do! Speaking of DIY, I made something yesterday. I think it's genius but my hubby thinks I'm a dork for how AMAZED I am by my work with a glue gun (which burned the hell out of my thumb) and some ribbon.  So without further ado..... Presenting my very first DIY Project!!!!!  (clapping)

It's an Earring Holder! lol I still have a little bit of tweaking because the bottom lace drooped too much during the night, but yeah! I'm going to put it in my newest page cleverly called DIY! I don't have any step by step instructions for this one. But I'll have one for the next guy I make. Lee is so excited about my new found love of DIY! lol (can you sense the sarcasm ?)

on other news. I saw Harry Potter last night. It was the happiest and most depressing time of my life.
also, we have our Metallica Concert Tonight! 
my outfit will probably be very similar to what it was for the A7X show, so i won't be posting it! 
have a great day ladies 

btw, im here to entertain you! if there's anything you'd like to see on my blog or back on the blog (like the quotes which Voluptuous Vixen of Voluptuous Chronicles expressed she enjoyed!) Let me know!

Metallica; Nothing Else Matters

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