Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you ever been into an Anthropologie? I rememeber my first time. The beautifully decorated window front, which usually housed some sort of recycled materials made into fabulous dresses for the models to wear or trees made out of the cardboard rolls or beds made from milk crates or whatever else you could imagine. 

Walking into the store the scent of  burning Voluspa  candels fill the air and the aroma takes you in and leaves you wanting so much more. There is feeling that Anthroplogie wraps around you like a luxurious, satin robe made only for your body,  it engulfs you, almost the second you've entered. As if like a sirens call and you never want to leave. Why would you leave? There is everything you could possibly want there and all you have to do is supply the food! 
The hundreds of trinkets to look at and the clothes to try isn't enough for Anthropologie. They keep you with the beautifully ornate furniture and cozy comfortable couches left for you, yes, you to lounge on. They want you to try the perfumes and the lotions and of course the clothes. They want you to stay and feel comfortable, and they are so seductive about it. It's so dangerous and yet so wonderful. 

i miss having an Anthropologie so close by  :(
i hate not being able to afford the clothes while being in the store.
the website just doesn't have the charm and warmth the store creates. 
i guess i'll live......maybe


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