Sunday, July 24, 2011

rough day

I woke up this morning to see everyone on facebook saying their goodbyes to a good school friend of mine. I went right back to bed.

I don't "do" death. I never have. It scares me and I have no desire to die for a very long time. So, when I see people I know, that are my age and just trying to live the same way I am it hurts to see them be cut short. I've known Andrew since the 3rd or 4th grade. I had a SERIOUS crush on him in the 4th and 5th grade and then through out the years I'd randomly see him in school.In higschool I had hihim another class. Mr. G's english and again we connected and laughed and had so much fun! But, he'd be out of class a lot and miss school, I found out the reason was because he suffered from sickle cell anemia. If someone hadn't told me, I would never guess that Andrew was suffering from a life threatening disease. He had such a positive outlook and so much amazing energy that he could surely overcome ANYTHING! right?! 

I haven't spoken to him in over 5 years. He added me on facebook a couple of months ago and from there we had our random "hey, how's it going" but we'll never have that again. I'm sure like most people, I'll stop by his page from time to time and say "hi" it's better late than never.

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  1. I kinda just had the same thing happen with me. this kid that was a year under me passed away. we still dont know what happened. they just found him unresponsive...
    We usta always chat on fb about old ppl from our hs and about reality shows. and then he was gone. I dont know why im taking it so hard. maybe because he was young and had so much life.

    it makes you think...

  2. I remember sitting next to Andrew during graduation. I didn't know him well at all, but you're right, he was always smiling! I had no idea he was suffering from sickle cell, but at least he isn't suffering anymore. I'm here if you need to chat with someone!

    I also feel the same about death, it scares the hell out of me. I believe I'm gonna party with Jesus in the afterlife but I don't want to go there yet. Reading about all these people who are dying so young just hurts my heart, I pray I never have to lose my family or friends until they are super old.

    Also, I love you. <3

  3. @lala, today was better than yesterday and i'm sure tomorrow will be better than today. we just have to keep living our lives and just know they will always be remembered in our hearts.

    @kristin, thanks so much love! andrew was an amazing guy and i really wish you would have gotten to know him. you would have loved him! I'm not at all religious but i know he was and I know that he is...wherever he dreamed he would be.

    i honestly wish we didn't live so far away from eachother! i miss you and love you!

    ps. let's grow old together!!!!