Friday, July 29, 2011

loving myself.

I came across this great post the other day and thought I would share it with you.
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It's a 10 step guide on how you can love yourself more. As I was reading through it I couldn't help how simple these little things seemed and yet they were things that I didn't really do. An example would be:
Step 1. Spend some time alone this coming week.
It seems easy, to go off to the mall and spend some time "alone" I do that all the time. This was different though, to me it meant something a little more personal, something out of my comfort zone. I've always gone to parks and been envious of the people who, by them selves with a blanket and book made an afternoon of just doing nothing and seemingly with complete ease.
 I was always so uncomfortable that people would look at me funny and ask me random stupid questions that I just did not want to answer. But, yesterday I did what I wanted to do and didnt think about what people thought. Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is this great big waterfall in Quebec, they have a bunch of trails and small waterfalls up the mountain and it's one of my favorite places to visit. I had Lee drop me off at the park and walked over the falls which is absolutely breathtaking! (i would have taken pictures but my camera was left in the car) I walked past the tourists, glad that they were on a time limit and didn't normally venture down the different paths that the park had. I walked about 5 minutes until I found what I was searching for. A small trail that led with some difficuly to a large tree that I had to climb over and down (in flip flops) grabbing rocks and branches on my way down I made it (unharmed!) to the bank of the river, there were large rocks that I could sit on that were close enough so that I could put my feet into the ice cold water. I looked down the river to see a larger set of rocks with people on them swimming in much smaller set of falls. I PROMISE I'll take pictures the next time I go (next week hopefully) It was 3 hours of uninterrupted Tina Time and it was glorious! I sat and soaked up the sun, read my book and just looked around and thought about how lucky I was at that moment. I was sad to leave but I know Leevan would be waiting for me. It really made my day and maybe even my week to have that time to myself and now that I know, I'll never deprive myself of it again. 

the next step is to Pay Yourself an Amazing Compliment.
I'll let you know that goes!

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