Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Dare....

I've always looked at people who dye their hair with such envy. Now, I'm not talking about people who dye their hair from light brown to dark brown, or from dark brown to black. lol I'm talking about people who take it to the next level! Like insane reds or purples or blues!!! I LOVE that look but definitely didn't think I could pull it off. But now, I'm thinking with a couple of months left till summer is over...WHY THE HECK NOT!?  lol  I don't know anyone here that would be like NO, TINA! DON'T DO IT. lol Except for my hubby and he says that he doesn't mind it. So, next week I'm going RED! not like whoa my entire head is red but I'm going to be doing some very bright streaks of color throughout my curls, in the back towards the bottom. lol so that if I dont like it, I can hide them easily.

 I'm going for a red kinda like what Jordan Sparks has going on

but just dye individual curls like what Katy Perry

 and Joss Stone have going on. 

It's a big move for me but I'm super excited, luckily our friend is a hair stylist should be pain free for the pocket too!

what do you ladies think? 


  1. You know how I feel about this. ;) Take pictures!!

  2. Hey I just came across your blog and I really like it. I love these hair styles. I have always thought I'd like to add some colors like these to my hair, but have never dared! I'm not sure if you have ever seen colored hair extensions, but I had a friend that got them and they looked great. They gave the same look, but she didn't have to damage her hair by dying it. I've seen some salons around that will do one for free with a cut so maybe you could look into that. Anyways, just a suggestion. Good luck.

  3. great idea! thats how i started with my blonde just in the back and under the front of my sides, and then the blonde turned into blond and pink and then recently my hairstylist doesnt work at the salon where i get my hair done any more so a new guy messed up my hair so its all just pink on the bottom now grrr. I think red will look so good on you! go for it!