Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canada Day!

Canada Day = Canada Birthday  

It's kinda like the 4th of July for Americans except the opposite. America celebrates the seperation of Britain and Canada celebrates the Combining of 3 British Colonies to form Canada!

There were celebrations all around the city yesterday and we decided to skip "work" and join in the fun! 
I don't have much red in my wardrobe (none actually) so I wore my Merci Beaucoup shirt I pick up at H&M before our move!

Top: Urban Outfitters size M (supposed to be oversize but it fits me perfectly!)
shorts: Forever 21 +
glasses/necklace: forever21
shoes (not pictured): silver flats via walmart

Lee and I spent the day exploring the beautiful city that we live in! We walked a whole lot and I wound up hurting my knee again :(
but before that we had a great time listening to music and watching the kids play on the rides. We stood in a really LOOOONG line for free hotdogs and then found another even LOOOOOOONGER line for free cake! lol
We had dinner at Côtes a Côtes  which is a cute little bar and grill with a great view of the St. Lawrence River.
We ended the evening early because of my knee, came home and watched The Next 3 Days, which wasn't too bad. I'm a sucker for Russel Crowe.

on to the pictures!

we thought this slide was the bees knees!

just 1 of our many amazing views that day

big ass cake! we were lucky to get some of the red, it was strawberry flavored  :D

worlds yuckiest mojito

we carried our flags with pride

lee was enjoying the view and breeze 

joan of arc

the apartment i'm lusting over is only 1 block away!!!

that's all for today! 


  1. Happy Canada day! Love that top on you.

  2. thanks so much! i gotta love straight sized stores and their oversized items! :D

  3. Oh, so weird..are you sure you got that top at H&M? I have one that looks almost identical, that I purchased at Urban Outfitters!!

  4. you know what!? that's probably where i bought it. lol
    i did so much shopping before i moved that where i bought everything is pretty much a blur (and i'm too lazy to properly check tags) lol
    i'll be sure to fix that so peeps know where to get it. thanks :D