Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Involved.

I love randomly helpful people.

They other day while waiting in line at Canadian Tire, a lady ahead of us over heard our english conversation and asked (in english) if we were living around here and how long we had been here. We started talking and she told us(specifically me) about this community called VEQ (Voice of English-speaking Quebec) and how they have great programs for Quebec "newcomers" and also about the Morrin Library in Old Quebec which was a historic English speaking Library. 

I was so excited that Yesterday I went by and got some information about different activities that are held throughout the year. It seems like a good reference to have, though most of the programs seem more likely suited for children/teens or parents. However, I did find the Quebec Art Company which is an English Theartre group that I'm interested in learning more about!

i'm reading a lot about people moving to new countries and going into depression because of language barriers and cultural differences among other things. I'm hoping that with my blogging, my workout schedule and maybe getting involved with VEQ a little more that I'll be one of the few that doesn't have this problem (fingers crossed)

I would have taken photos inside Morrin because it's absolutely a beautiful library, but my camera died.  :(

Lace Top: Torrid
Tank: Faith21
Shorts: Exhilaration via Target
Shoes: Seychelles
necklace/purse: forever21


  1. LOVE this outfit! so nice! and that is super nice of that lady! i was actually one of those randomly nice people today. I overheard an american asking for directions, directions being the same direction i was going so i just told them to follow me and on the way we got to talking and had a nice little conversation. ;) being nice is great. more people should try it rather than be bitter :) glad you ran into nice people.


  2. The purse and the lace top -- ADORABLE! You are turning into quite the adorable Canadian!