Sunday, July 31, 2011

my happy place.

i went back to my happy place yesterday! i brought leevan along this time. it was still just as glorious but from now on i know not to go so early in the morning.

we left the house around 9 thinking that on the weekend there would be too many people to really enjoy the small set of waterfalls that i had seen last time i went. we stopped first at my little secret spot and leevan had to admit that it was pretty gangster! lol we sat there in the shade for about an hour. we only left because i noticed that when the sun wasn't on the rocks the bugs were more than happy to come out and sit with us. ewww. we walked further up the path until we found the small set of falls that i had seen everyone hanging out on. they were empty except for 2 guys sitting at the edge near the rough section. we walked through the rocks until we found a more tranquil place to sit and read. 2 hours later leevan was done with his beer magazines and i was ready for lunch! we left my happy place just in time. the teenagers began to show up and it was starting to get a little noisy. until next time!

I promised some pics and here they are!

this is what happens when you wake up and decide to go out with no make up and without running a brush through your hair. you can see the little rings of red in my curls! i have to get a better picture of them!!

yeah...i'm re-reading breaking dawn. don't judge!

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