Saturday, July 23, 2011

lamp shade project!

I found The Shabby Creek Cottage and this particular project via and fell MADLY in love with it. Convinced I had to own one I immediately went on search for the perfect (cheapest) lamp. I searched and searched and finally found this gem at the thrift store down the road which is seriously becoming my go to spot for awesome cheap junk! It was $5 well worth it and with a trip to wally world I picked up all the supplies I would need for $10. I was SO excited to get started last night that I didn't even think about taking BEFORE pictures and I regret it. I can't even believe that this started out as a ugly brown lamp and with a LOT of patience it turned out to be this gorgeous piece of work! I'm so excited that it's already been set up in my bedroom and I'm going to look for another lamp (hopefully smaller) to do another one.

the words are the lyrics to "you are my sunshine" it's kind of our "secret" song
 (though not after this!) 
we always sing it to eachother  and  for lee's wedding day present i gave him a little music box that played the song. 
we're cheesy and i love it!
any who, so here's the link  again for more info on how I did it!

also, i've been saving all of my wine bottles and my hubs beer bottles in hope that i would find some awesome uses for them and I did! lol

I honestly can't remember what this wine was but I remember it was delicious and I bought it because I liked the bottle (it's imperfect) well I had an idea a couple of weeks ago to stack my bracelets on a paper towel holder. it worked really well but it SO not the look i'm going for in our future apartment so I HAD to think of something else.


it works really well and it's so pretty! I'm in love! lol 
it obviously won't work for a lot of big bracelets but if you have lots of skinny ones this works really well 
or if you just want to show case some of your favorites this is a great idea also! 

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